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Meri Salmela

9.3.2024      Omiaruhje is touring in Northern Ostrobothnia.                                   Check out the tour calendar Here

23.10.2023   Omiaruhje's new piece Omia ruhje will premiere at                           Cultural Centre Caisa in Helsinki 18.1.2024.

                     See the trailer of Omia ruhje Here

3.8.2023      Omiaruhje is performing their new piece, Tar and                               other matters, at Redfest in France.

1.12.2022     The trailer of a new dance short film

                    'Temper Tantrum' by Meri and Omiaruhje is out now!                         You can find it Here

14.9.2022    Meri was chosen to take part in Digital Leap's                                    learning module in Terrassa Spain. Read the                                      introductions of the chosen artists Here

14.3.2022    Meri and Milla introduced in circusinfo's Instagram

3.3.2021      Article about Melt in Itäväylä: Porvoolaisladossa                                 sukelletaan napajään ytimeen

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